Parcel Lots

There is still land within the District of Columbia that has never been subdivided into either Record or Tax Lots through the two offices that manage land records (OS & RPTA), this land is referred to as Parcels, expressed as fractions (Ex Parcel 117/36).

In this example, the number “36” would be the 36th outconveyance from original Parcel 117.  The tracking of parcels was started in 1905 when, by Act of Congress, all the District’s unsubdivided properties which were mostly rural farms at the time were given parcel numbers.  Their boundaries were also depicted (in many cases approximated), in large books in DCRA's Office of the Surveyor.  Until the late 1960s, building permits were routinely issued by the city for new construction on Parcels, but today all Parcels, like Tax Lots, must be converted into subdivision Lots of Record before permits will be issued for exterior work.

Parcels are only found in the old “County of Washington,” north of Florida Ave and east of the Anacostia River. There are no Parcels found within the original city limits or Georgetown.
Parcels are not in Squares.  There are examples where parcel land may be physically located in the middle of a city Square, but Parcels are not considered part of a Square until they are duly subdivided by the D.C. Surveyor’s Office.
** This data layer is not finalized; efforts are underway to complete. Currently we have mapped ~99.6% of the ~1300 parcels.  Some of the remaining area's that have un-mapped Parcels are along metro rails and open space.


Parcel Lot layers in VPM are (point, line, poly) - ParcelsLotsPt, ParcelsLotsLN, ParcelsLotsPLY, Parcels_History_Ln, Parcels_History_PLY