Condo Lots

            Condo lots are individual lots for each condominium.  The lot numbers normally range from 2000-6999.  These condo lots are not geographically defined other than being within a air rights, record, tax or a combination of lots that has one or more condo buildings within it.  A condo regime number is assigned to each residential Condo application or Article of Confederation regardless of how many buildings there are at any one site. The Regime number starts with a 1, 2, or 3 depending upon where the condo is located and where they fall in the tri-annual assessment process of RPTA. All numbers after the first are consecutive.  RPTA maintains the master list of Regime numbers for residential properties.  Commercial condos are not associated with a Regime number and in order to properly track all condos, a unique Regime number was created.  RPTA then establishes individual accounts for each condominium unit and assigns a condo lot number to that account.  RPTA maintains the master list of Regime numbers and there relationship to approved condos.  As of October 13, 2015, there are roughly 66571 condo lots and there associations are as follows:  49486 condos were approved for record lots, 16867 were approved for tax lots, 2817 were approved for air rights lots, and 2600 were approved for both air rights and tax lots.
The CondoPly layer was created to assist users in visualizing the relationship between ground surface lots (Record Lots), overlay lots (Air Rights & Tax Lots), and the associated Condos.  When Condos are approved for ground lots, those lots remain in the production (active) layer and attributes updated to reflect the new condos.  When Condos are approved for overlay lots, those lots are killed (dead lots) and archived to their respective history layer.  Condo dwellings can also be queried city-wide via the individual VPM layers (active Record lots, dead Air Rights & Tax lots) where the value in the “UNDERLIES_CONDO” field is equal to 1.  The following fields are populated once Condo Lots have been approved:
  • Condo_Book_Num
  • Condo_Page_Num
  • Condo_Regime_Num
  • CondoLot
This layer will allow users to research (if necessary) the original source material recorded in the Office of the Surveyor and view their boundaries.  Dbase tables are available on DC GIS's Central database, are relational based on the Regime value being equal, and will help to quantify the number of Condos residing on a lot(s).  Regime refers to a group of Condos approved for a given dwelling/location, i.e., The Westgate Condominium has a Regime value of 1001, Condo Book 23, Page 6, and 36 Condos.
Additional layers to help visualize the various relationships are:
  1. Real Property & Tax Assessment’s (RPTA) Ownerpt layer where the Lot value is greater than or equal to 2000 but less than or equal to 6999
  2. District of Columbia Consumer & Regulatory Administration's (DCRA) Addresspts for Lots with multiple structures and addresses