U.S. Reservations are lands acquired for use by the Federal Government after the original founding of the city.  These were all acquired by the Federal Government through purchase, condemnation, dedication or gift and almost all of the U.S. Reservations in Washington are under the Jurisdiction of the National Park Service.  Unlike Appropriations, U.S. Reservations are found throughout the city.  The National Park Service also has information for every U.S. Reservation and Appropriation in addition to DCRA Office of the Surveyor having some detailed information on transactional history. It should be noted that RPTA has converted some reservations to tax lots for land tracking purposes however the federal government still maintains ownership in many of these cases.
Reservation layers in VPM are (point, line, poly) - ReservationsPT, ReservationsLN, ReservationsPLY, Reservations_History_LN, Reservations_History_PLY
* * This data layer may not be complete, but as of 9/04/16, 997 (active & inactive) have been mapped. 
Reservation 12 (available as attachment below)
    This example shows Reservation 12 (Farragut Square), which is also known as Square 0185 Lot 0800 by RPTA for assessment purposes.
Reservation 254 (available as attachment below)
    This example shows Reservation 253 and Reservation 254 which are known as RES 0253000 and RES 0253000 by RPTA for assessment purposes
Matthew Crossett (OCTO),
May 11, 2010, 8:58 AM
Matthew Crossett (OCTO),
May 11, 2010, 8:59 AM