VPM Data Access

The Vector Property data is available through several interfaces and download is free of charge.  Additionally, most of our applications have the ability to search by address or SSL (Square, Suffix, Lot). SSL is DC's term for PIN (Parcel Identification Number).
- Via Citrix Desktop Mapping Applications (District Government employee's only)
- Via DC Atlas Plus (All In One Service) (under Property Search from the menu options)
- Via DCGIS Central SDE database within feature data set DCGIS.RealProperty
- Via DC Google DC Google GeoSpatial Mapping (District Government employee's only)
- Via DC GIS Data Clearinghouse/Catalog (downloadable data in KML or Shapefile format)
- Via DC's Office of Planning DCPropertyQuest application  Property Quest
     (An easy way to view a wide range of site-related information, especially information on historic resources.)

- Via DC Open Data DC Open Data website (Data can be downloaded in a variety of formats: Shapefiles, KML for GIS applications, and CSV for tables and spreadsheets. API's provide access in REST or GeoJSON for use within applications as direct feeds.)


NEW!!! - You can now access DC’s Vector Property data (and all DC GIS data) via ArcGIS.com or ArcGIS Online Explorer!

ArcGIS.com is new component of the ArcGIS System; you can browse a gallery of featured maps and apps from the ArcGIS community or create your own.

From ArcGIS.com, by clicking Make a Map, you can open the built-in ArcGIS.com viewer, a lightweight JavaScript application that makes it easy to create mashups and author your own maps. Content can be searched at ArcGIS Online, the open Web, by connecting to a specific GIS server or by searching within groups you belong to. OCTO GeoSpatial has posted the majority of our data layers (~250 layers) rolled up as categories to ArcGIS.com. Our categories are:

Administrative & Other Boundaries

Business and Economic Development

Cultural and Society

DC Basemap





Facility and Structure




Planning Landuse and Zoning

Property and Land

Public Safety

Public Service



Utility and Communication

Using the ArcGIS.com viewer you can add DC’s Vector Property layers. After clicking on Make a Map, click the Add button.  Search property and land dc and add either of the returns. Another layer to add is OwnerPoly. By using this mash-up method you ensure you’re getting the best data available.  The ArcGIS.com viewer makes it easy to discover and mash-up other Web services into a new map.

ArcGIS Explorer Online - http://explorer.arcgis.com/ has a similar look and feel and some of the same capabilities as the downloadable desktop version, but it's a lightweight version built using Silverlight that runs in a browser. Explorer Online offers some additional functions and capabilities. You can also add dc data to ArcGIS Explorer Online.

We also suggest joining Washington DC GIS Group