Benefits of VPM


- Has potential to semi-automate the current Subdivision and Building Plat production process

- Citizens/constituents benefit from faster turnaround time on A&T plats.

- Improves collaboration b/t DCRA-OS and OTR-RPTA

- Innovative use of technology to improve business processes of the two agencies that manage land records in the district

- Provides view of entire city with all corresponding active pieces of property

- Ability to display transactional history of property changes over time

- Maintains accurate dimensions and attribution for all properties in digital spatial format (previously only in hardcopy)

- Important base layer for city-wide projects

To other DC agencies and public:
- Maintains property data in geospatial format (ingested into many GIS applications for public and DC agencies)

- Provides view of entire city with all corresponding active lots and ability to display history/change of property over time (important to Office of Zoning and Office of Planning)

- Assists DDOT in determining where new roads will occur before they are constructed


- Essential for Economic Development and Planning purposes